Wednesday, February 29, 2012

.Jessica Louise Clothing = LOVE.

When I was 19, and MySpace was popular, I would waste hours on that we all did!
It was a great way to connect you to people, designers, and bands that you otherwise wouldn't have heard of. That's how I discovered the amaaazingly talented Jessica Louise.
Now, here I am 7 years later writing a clothing review,
and modeling for one of my all time favorite designer's.

I have always loved Jessica Louise's designs for a number of reason's;
Mainly because of her use of color, ruffles, patterns, & all things girly, which naturally, I adore!
 The only sad part was that I could never wear her delish clothing until she expanded her collection to Plus Sizes recently. She is the first of my favorite alternative designers that have caught on to the fact that us curvy ladies want to wear cute, playful, sexy clothes too! I applaud her for that, and now... On to the good stuff!

The first top I'm wearing is the Lulabelle Top in Blue, Size 3x & the Keyhole Heart Bow!

  It hugged my curves perfectly, and even has a Lycra sleeve to
actually fit over my arms, which I definitely appreciated.
 I feel like sometimes designers forget about the bigger girls when cutting their designs
 because not all of us have perfectly toned arms *raises hand*. Can I get an amen?
 I also adore the cute bow detail & the flattering neckline for my body type especially, because I feel like it elongates my neck & shows off the girls ;)

The second top I'm wearing is the Jessica Louise Top, Size 3x!

How much do I love this top? Let me count the ways... It has an adorable  puff sleeve and heart pocket that you can actually put stuff in! I put a little lip gloss in mine the other day I wore it :) This top also has the elastic trim sleeves, & lovely lil ruffles too! It fit snug, but not too snug. It had the right amount of stretch for me! :)

I paired both tops with Jessica Louise's very own, handmade Keyhole Heart Bow which is divine!

 P.S. I even wore the Jessica Louise Top on a recent trip to my favorite place on earth, Disneyland! 

(Top by Jessica Louise; Hairbow by Tattooed Zombie Accessories; Necklace by C.TA Couture)
I felt like a real life cartoon that day :)

Overall, I was overly pleased with Jessica Louise's Designs & recommend her to anyone wanting to branch out of the sometimes boring plus fashions out there.

You will be seeing a lot more of me in her designs very soon!




Natalie Mulford said...

Ah! So exciting! I fell in love with Jessica Louise many years ago on Myspace too! I remember lusting after the cute sock garters. The bright colours, THE STRIPES and the cute characters were always something I loved about JL.

Going to go check out the plus size range now! (Is it weird I'm really excited about this!?)

Brin Plourde said...

Now you got me wasting time looking at all of her amazing clothes! I love that she has opened up her line to EVERY beautiful women! you look adorable in her stuff!

Brin Plourde said...

Now you got me wasting time looking at all of her amazing clothes! I love that she has opened up her line to EVERY beautiful women! you look adorable in her stuff!

Rachelanne said...

You are beyond stunning.... I would be honored to bake cupcakes for your any time!!! (they are my specialty) :-)

Razor De Rockefeller said...

I am SO glad I found your blog and this post! I remember looking at her clothing and getting so mad they didn't have anything over a large! I haven't checked back thinking I was only tempting myself with something I couldn't wear and now I find this! Thank you for the review! So happy she now has clothes for us bigger girls <3

musicofthesoul said...

You are beautiful! love this!!!

PlusClothingExpert said...

You are so beautiful and I love the way you "carry" those plus size clothing of yours. You're an inspiration to me and to every plus size woman.

Cynthia Leigh said...

I'd love it if you'd do a post on how you became a plus model and the trials/tribulations of being a "petite plus model" in a "plus model" industry.

I'm a petite plus model, and if it's not my size, then it's my height. It's hell!

n...e...r...d said...

Yay, more things for my wish list! Haha!

Moppelelfe said...

I have to say: you look so pretty !!! You really inspire such shy girls like me to show what they have. thank you!

Best wishes from Germany

The Moppelelve Steffi